Based in Cornwall in the UK, Blackboards is the brainchild of Ian Black, principal shaper for Tombstone Surfboards who has for nearly 20 years now been at the forefront of Epoxy surfboard design. Realising that, with the price of materials and the intensive labour required to create one of his carbon fiber custom boards becoming prohibative to many of his customers, Ian decided to create Blackboards. Using his knowledge of epoxy resins and his extensive shaping experience, Ian, with Blackboards, has created a range of surfboards that are lightweight, strong and cost effective to produce, resulting in an end product which is not only of excellent quality and craftmanship but also means the customer doesn’t have to rob a bank in order to own one.

Blackboards is growing fast with more and more boards being added to the range. Ian’s younger brother, Martin, who is one of the UK’s top surfers, is now on board as one of Blackboards many test pilots and is providing Blackboards with essential feedback on all the latest shapes and construction techniques. Martin is currently raving about the latest addition to the range,  the BLASTER which is at last a quality and inexpensive kids learner board (which isn’t just made out of sponge) that also doubles up as a funboard for adults.  

Surfing is supposed to be fun and this is essentially what Blackboards is all about. Blackboards are designed in the UK for use in the types of conditions that we get most often at home but the versitility of most of our shapes mean that they work equally well abroad. None of our boards rely on fashionable gimmicks to work, but instead go back to basics and use smooth contours, rail shapes, clean rocker lines and carefully thought out volume distribution to provide easy-to-ride but still very performant surfboards.